(haiti509 dot com is now haiti509 dot biz) Carnival in Haiti is actually the biggest in the Caribbean in terms of the number of people in attendance. It Ends on the Tuesday of Mardi-Gras (varies from year to year). Carnival is always between February 3rd and March 9th.

The 2012 Carnival will be in Les Cayes February 19-21. The 2012 Haiti Carnival in Les Cayes is well organized. Lack of security in the past has been a major obstacle for Haiti to develop a tourism industry and to be recognized as a major international carnival. It looks like security will be on point for this year’s carnival. Thousands of Haitian diaspora and foreigners are expected to attend the festivities. Come to the Carnival and you will be surprised to see people who are Haitians and do not “look” Haitians. Haiti509 dot biz will also be waiting for you!



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