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  1. @tvguides go fuck ur self u pussys nigga how gonna talk about zoe like thAT U bitch with no life am stupid rich and i was born haiti u dick sucker i wish i know u so could i slap u pussy respect haitian u bitch once again go fuck urself…

  2. @myrthrline………just because you carelessly contracted AIDS by going double-anal with these "street niggas" (as they call themselves @ 3:50) …….doesn't mean you should wish it on others!!

  3. Maybe this guy should spend less time offering his spook gibberish and more time getting a job or not spreading AIDS in his country.
    Haiti was a fucking toilet long before the earthquake!!!

  4. LOL! I was thinkin' the same thing but its the white againgst the dark skin! Im dark and now I see why people say that to me all the time!

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