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  1. Tell the truth!! All the blacks were wrought to Haiti by the French as slave workers, then the blacks killed all their owners and whites. Give me one country in Africa that is even worth talking about today. Sad to say, but that's the way it is, even if we hate to admit it!

  2. That lady in the video does not know what she is talking about. I hate people who while uninformed attempt to convey inaccurate knowledge. Haiti was not the country to have the first university or the first nothing. The only first Haiti gets credit for being the first black slave republic in the western hemisphere. That is the pretty much really the only true accomplishment it has achieved. But sadly and unfortunately, it did not do them much good. The biggest blunder Haiti made was precisely to kill off or chase away every single one of their whites natives who managed to survive after the uprising. And in doing that, Haiti basically shot themselves in the foot and have been limping ever since. Why? Because common sense tells you, two wrongs don't make a right. Yes what the French did was brutal and atrocious, but slavery around the world was a normal and accepted cultural practice at the time. And it was good for them to demand change and stop this inhuman practice, but they went about it the wrong way or took the wrong approach. One of their many mistakes was to go from being victims to become victimizers, and for this reason everything they did post-uprising has backed fired.

  3. The only problem with Haiti is that we are always fighting among ourselves, but time will come when all Haitian will come together to live or die for the same goals and that time nature will rise with us. Mark my word, one day my country will be the countrie.

  4. Genocide! They are deliberately killing people of ethnic nations. They also caused the earthquake that recently hit Haiti! Damn people look at history, they have been killing us all along. They cause the tsunami in Louisiana. They are manipulating the weather! They are the Romans, literally. All roads lead to Rome! They are still hunting us down like animals. Killing us off by the thousands. No more peaceful protest! Fuck them! When in Rome……you know the rest!

  5. Thomas odimba studies (ReunificationJudaIsrael)
    We have lost our God and disapoint our Saviour
    but we are of Israel


    Some bothers from Judah and brothers of other tribes
    migrate North into the land of their cousin Japhet and mixed
    Some bothers went in the South into our cousin Ham taking women
    blessed as well are all sons of Japhet and Ham who by God's will helped
    and are true Jesus Christ (Yahoshua) lovers.
    Please HELP us come back to our GOD Elohimm of Israel
    download originals
    We are not ISLAM or any other Religion both brought SLAVERY we are children of ISRAEL here

    is our proof Haitian are LEVI and Our brothers from Santo Domingo are SIMEON We begin to

    remember …

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_EGq9zyTSU (levi)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZLs-XBQnSY (levi)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWybOujnyoE (levi)


  6. LOL did she said the first cathedral and university was in Haiti? jajajajajaja Right?? please name it? Let me clarify…those were built in LA ESPANOLA, haiti was not even conceived as a nation when the happened. To add, those institutions are presently in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Is she just plain stupid or is this part of the campaign to make haitians appear to be better than what they are.

  7. And the portrait of Arisitide's as a victim is also a huge diservice of the truth. Aristide's involvement in corruption schemes and the upsurge of drug trafficking during his terms was exposed in great deal on the international press. Haiti's own, perpetual social and economic inestability, systemical political inmaturity and severe economic/social backwardness only heralded massive boatpeople and flight situations for the US and other countries in the Caribbean with the onset of yet another revolt in Haiti. Stop treating YouTube's audience as a bunch of uneducated, herded cattle, prime for manipulation and brainwashing.

  8. This report is splashed with historical phallacies and inacurate information, and would not stand at the most simple facts check online, for starters. It tries to fuse, I wonder if maliciously, the history of the Haitian and Dominican peoples as if they have always been one; totally false, as they grew apart and virtually isolated on opposite sides of the island, even during times of common colonial rule. Santo Domingo, the Spanish colony, had the first university and European-type institutions in the Americas, NOT French Haiti. Haiti was France's richest and most savagedly exploited colony. Santo Domingo, the Spanish colony, was practically abandoned and remained poor and forlorn as the Spaniards moved on with their continental exploits.

  9. This is a bull shit report, its so misleading. First of all, the did not even mention the fact that Haitian's politicians are the most corrupted in the world. Most of them live in Miami living the good life and tell their own citizens to move illegally to the Dominican Republic.

  10. My God! such hatred! do you know karma is a terrible mistress, the things and people you criticize the most in this life are the very same thing you will have to deal with in your next trip here on earth and the same treatment or criticism that you exact here and now! So be ready to be whatever it is that you are judging at this point, that is why JESUS said judge not so you will not be judged. Good luck my friend!     

  11. You guys in the video are liars who make up a lot of excuses for Haitian poverty. The real reason they're poor is that their average IQ is 70. They are just genetically very inferior. I"m tired of all you lying idiotic fuckers who say that they are equal to white people and that we should take our own hard earned, precious money and spend it on them. That's even worse than burning my money. Hell no. Our money is for taking care of our own families.

  12. Tregua the only reason you talk like that is because you hve no story to tell beside the fact you keep on licking every white man butt and your famous for bitches all around the globe . No trying to be rude but thats the truth

  13. Treagua before you send anyone to doble check their fact i think you should ipen some book to learn haiti never invaded dr . Jean pierre boyer received a letter from whoever was governing dr at this time , he ask haiti for help to get ride of the spanish then sum other parties did not like the way boyer was governing and they block him from gerting in dr after a trip he made to haiti

  14. USA shoot poor Mexicans like if they were animals when they try to get to USA. Why Usa do not open the border to them and stop getting them deported? Usa wnts Dominicans to open the border to haitians

  15. People just think that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is Haiti,in other places like  South America and maybe Hawaii even though it's like not where the Caribbean islands they could be Poor too

  16. What is this ignorant bitch talking about,the oldest cathedral is in DR and the oldest university which are still in one piece and well preserved today.These people spin a lot of facts and Historical events while ignoring others.

  17. Haiti and the islands of the Caribbean is the Branch of David, a nation of the tribe of Judah. Haiti is properly Ahiti and means "God is with Us," just like Emmanuel. It is the daughter of Jerusalem and Zion. It is upon the mountains of Haiti, in the "isles of the sea," that God shall place New Jerusalem, and nations shall flow to it. Youtube "Haiti, no, Ahiti," for evidence. The Lion (Haiti, Judah) roared in 1791 defeating Napoleon and France, Spain, England and Germany, and then liberated, with his brother Simon (Simeon Bolivar) Bolivia, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Salvation is of the (real) Jews!
    Haiti is the Branch. The first shall be last and the last, first. Hated Haiti, a city forsaken, whose land is encompassed by armies (the UN), is the last that shall be first. Haiti is the subject of Isaiah 60: her light has come. She shall be the light in a world engulfed by gross darkness. It is Yah's will. He has purposed it. Today in Haiti you have the Port-au-Prince,  the Port of the Messiah, the Prince. You also have a mountain named Morne Sinai (Mount Sinai), and a fortress named the Citadelle (just like Zion is a fortress). Add cities named Jerusalem, Canaan, Millot (like Millo of the Bible), Jeremie, and suddenly Haiti can be seen as a recreation of the ancient lands. Haiti also considers today's events and the arriving Kingdom of Yah because she has along with Port of Prince, cities named Port of Libertie, Port of Peace, and Port of Salut (Salvation). Salvation is of the Jews – specifically the Branch of David called Ahiti (Haiti and the isles of the Caribbean).

  18. what about the white people murdered in Haiti? Just because they were white. After Haiti colonized the D.R. they killed many people there just because of their skin color.

  19. Jean-Pierre Boyer was the name of the man who agreed to pay money back to  France and he was the son of a so-called white man, deemed an elite mulatto and not a regular Haitain

  20. For those who don't know the history: In 1802, Non-loyalists soldiers (6,000+ troops: Mostly Polish, German, and Swiss-French legionnaires recruited by Napoleon Bonaparte; 4,000+ died of yellow fever) joined the Haitian rebels and helped Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Alexandre Petion defeat the NAPOLEONIC expeditionary force (40,000+ troops) led by Charles Leclerc to re-enslave the Island of Hispagnola. After the proclamation of independence, the non-loyalist soldiers decided to stay in Haiti and sympathized with the natives. However, feeling threaten by Napoleon's desire to re-gain possession of his former colony, Dessalines later slaughtered most of the remaining whites, including some of the non-loyalist soldiers that helped him, and even blacks and mulattoes that were against the act… The racial war was initiated by Napoleon when he ordered the suffocation of 100,000 slaves with sulfur dioxide (:See Book "The Crime of Napoleon" – Napoleon paved the Way for Adolf Hitler). In revenge, Dessalines massacred the remaining French to secure black power on the island and for centuries of barbarism… The legionnaires spared by Dessalines were allowed to either stay on the island or return to France at Haiti's expense. Those that refused to go back to Europe ended up "breeding" with the natives (:They were mostly Poles; as a matter of fact one legionnaire was a Polish mulatto. Some Germans and Swiss-French were also allowed to naturalize and live in Haiti). Today, their descendents live in La Vallee de Jacmel, Fond des Blancs, Jeremie, Les Cayes, Port Salut, St. Jean du Sud, Casale…  In 1825, 14 French warships backed by the United Stated hijacked Haiti and demanded 150 million gold francs (~$40 bn+) for freeing the slaves and for French massacred by Dessalines (:Paid off with high-interest loans until 1947)… Haiti supported the United States, as well as Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, and other countries in their fight for freedom. Yet the "New World" expected the ex-slave nation to pay France, backed by other European powers, for a liberation won with its own "blood" on the battle field.

  21. Thank you sooo much for this video. I will share it with as many people that will listen. Is it a clip from a documentary? I would like to get the full version

  22. no i don't hate anybody i really love haitian food. but what im trying to say is that the guy in the video is a communist trying to justify hating on capitalism. this video has holes sometimes we need to read the facts.

  23. heu…. please give the your sources that prove america help more haiitian than african. get your fact straight america didnt do anything for haitians. we dont need your fathers in our countruy and the funniest thing is they know we dont need them

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