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  1. This song was written by Raoul Guillaume. Amazingly I grew up right across from his house in Bois Verna, never really knowing who he was.

  2. all I can say is wow pure unaltered kompas that is the reason others used to copy our music. new generations take note belle compas

  3. This is a GREAT ensemble. Kompa Direct !!!! One thing missing is the 'Gahng' or 'tam tam.' But the percussionist at least has the cowbells. Great Compa, though.

  4. wouche! Mon Dieu, Marie joseph gade on music.
    Bel Bagay. pov nou pov min gin talent.
    Neg Liancourt Kase Coup Pa PrAn koukou!

    There isnt nothing like us!
    We are so blessed in so many ways despite all.

    So proud to be Haitian!

  5. This group is like America's ""Toto," a band of all highly polished studio musicians….and this is amazing. I'm Eddie Cohen who used to play with Skah Shah since 1977 and this is refreshing to see. Great musicians and great personalities with Plezin' Nap Pran !!!!

  6. A band of all stars, Kerby Baton my brother on Bass — Didi on Lead Guitar — Pantal, Alix Noze on Conga — Tico Pasquet and the others all stars all the way…. Biggup!

  7. U feel me! Alix Nozile is compas tambou all the way. Listen to how he skips beat 1 when he plays. Not many of the tambourinè can do that.