Haitian Beauties-Kompa Music – Sweet Micky


Haitian Beauties-Kompa Music – Sweet Micky
Actress Garcelle Beauvais,Model Natasha Ellie, Ms. Haiti 2010 Sarodj Bertin,
Music: Sweet Micky
Produced by: Patrick Greene

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  1. First off to think every Haitian is black is pure stupidity. This color association bullshit make a "great" country like the U.S one of the dumbest around. Here is a fact. How can you say Haitians are back when there is a diversity. Matter of fact how can you say Africans are black when there are diverse as fuck. Seriously. Shut the fuck up with that black and white shit. If you can't learn then go hang yourself. M al fe wout mwen. Lanmed

  2. Does anyone know the name of this song? I know the artist is Sweet Micky but what's the name of the song? Thanks in advance.

  3. I'm half haitian .. And I think miss Haiti 2010 is a gorgeous woman ; BUT I never thought the girl from the Jamie fox show was haitian thoughhhhhh :O

  4. what does you being dominican colored have to do with anything? most of the woman in this video look nothing like the average haitian woman. and You dont look mixed like most dominicans.
    Its sad that real black dominican women would rather be represented by mixed women.

  5. Whoever KelferMookie is F**ck you that was an of fence towards haitian people considering haitian people I don't know who u think u is but I'm haitian and I'm demonican colored so cool the F**ck off stop Haitin and stop talking junk about my heritage bitch stop Haten that was a big offense

  6. I understand that, but she doesn't have to represent the average haitian women, it should be ok to be different, personally I see nothing wrong with that, it rather shows the diversity in the Haitian community.

  7. Why so much hate towards miss haiti? Because she is light skin? Smh if she was dark skin I bet their would be no hate right? That I know haitians come in all shades and races just like us dominicans. Miss haiti is very pretty, there are ugly light skin and dark skin women just like there are beautiful light skin and dark skin women. Stop the hate, miss haiti has a great body and cute face

  8. my ex was half haitian, just so gorgeus those oriental eyes prominent cheekbones beautiful smile and perfct skin and thick lips.She wasnt tall enough for fashion modeling but I can definately say haitian women are gorgeus.by the way this kompa rythm is almost the same as music from my country ecuatorial guinea