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  1. I am Haitian and I love kizomba. This is a video of kizomba dancing not kompa dancing however someone put Haitian Kompa music over the original music that went with the video. I saw this years ago with the original music they were dancing too. Nicely overlayed that shows the similarities in rhythm but deceptive. The couple is not Haitian either. So although beautiful, the description is false. @nellymakachera you are 100% correct re the identity of the couple. Kenbe la.

  2. Seriously why lie so publicly 🙁 what if you're sued????
    But you have to give it to whoever uploaded that video. that person did a good job superimposing a Haitian song that could fit into their dancing. That's interesting quite interesting.

    Morenasso the lead dancer here is not Haitian (although I would love such a great dancer to be)

    I'm Haitian and I love kompa. But I also dance and teach kizomba which makes but this misappropriation is not only wrong… ithat truly disturbing

  3. To make everything clear, the couple are not Haitan. He is Angolan and she is French. They dance Kizomba in this video which originally is on Kizomba music if i remember well, as i haven't seen this video in years. Someone took the video, and put kompa music over it simple as that.
    Their names are Morenasso & Anais, and i know them, so dig on youtube and you will find the original.

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