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  1. To all of you people saying Kendrick had this "prewritten" do you even know that for sure or are you just assuming that because he added this verse to a song of his? Because made that song After this battle took place, so it could be possible he took the verse from his freestyle then added it to one of his songs, unless you have some kind of proof that this was prewritten please shut the fuck up and stop being hamilton dickriders lmao

  2. The original track is by Milkbone. Not produced by him. Jay and L just rapped on it on the radio. This dude charles talking about history and straight up fucking it up at the same time.

  3. Kendrick is a better rapper, but Charles could have been one of the best. He wanted to be weird instead. I don't blame him. I'm on a two year hiatus myself. This world is bugged out and beautiful. Money ain't that important. In due time…

  4. Man Kendrick was looking all confident and cocky. look at the look on his face about 30-45 seconds into Charles' verse. k. Dot woke the fuck up.

  5. I feel that bruh. Freestyling is overrated in my opinion. I RESPECT people that can do it, but in the end, a freestyle is just a group of random rhymes that are thought up on the spot…freestyles are hardly ever as thought provoking or complex as a verse that was written with time and effort.

  6. Pac couldnt freestyle either… not comparing the two, just saying. And i CAN freestyle but im not a rapper. Pen game >>>> freestyle game.

  7. In Haitian creole, nap boule means "we're good" "we're chilling"; contrary to the boule invisible elites out here in the U.S. Third MC NAME IS BENNCHOUMY, check him out on "Nou Sou Wout" with the English translation.

  8. Naw bro. Do you even listen to Charles ?

    If you don't or haven't listen to Charles other than this video then you can't really have an opinion.

    Kendrick would eat Charles alive ? ….no. Charles isn't Chief Keef. CH got bars for days. Fuck outta here. 

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