Haitian Music Awards 2009 – Compas on Broadway – A Review by Smith Georges (Part 1)


Compas on Broadway: Haitian Music Awards 2009 held at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, New York on Sunday, April 12, 2009. Reviewed by Smith Georges.
We have rated the show in the following categories: Effort of producers and organizers: 100; Venue (Lincoln Center): 95; Red Carpet reception: 100; Video presentation: 70; Stage coordination: 70; Sound System: 90; MC: 90; Time Management: 70; Award presentation: 70; Artists Performance: 90; OVERALL: 84.50.

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Published: April 13, 2009



By Smith Georges

New York – The producers and organizers of Compas on Broadway, and particularly the founder Richard Urbain bypassed Brooklyn College, crossed over the Brooklyn Bridge to land at Lincoln Center, a center known for the performance of American classics, opera, philharmonic and symphonic orchestras. A venue where some of the most reputable international artists of the world showcase their ingenuities. Kicking off the first Compas on Broadway at Lincoln Center was a gargantuan and godzillean step in the Haitian community. For effort, the producers and organizers of the event deserve an A+. Red carpet inscribed with the words “Compas on Broadway” was rolled out to welcome the Haitian stars and nominees of the evening. The event was also a tribute to Haitian music legend Nemours Jean-Baptiste, the creator/inventor/founder of Compas (Direct). The wife, daughter, family members, friends and supporters of Nemours were present. As one attendee opined on her way out after the show, “If the show were to be judged as success or failure, the show was definitely a success,” she said, and we agree. After the show, the bulk of the audience was still in the lobby for a good while socializing. The people did not want to leave the place. It was like a fashion show. The community was dressed at its best. It was the Haitian version of the Grammy Awards.

Haitians are very political and politics can be a very divisive and passionate issue among Haitians in Haiti and the Diaspora. But last night’s event was an antidote to Haitian political discord, at least for a while. It was an evening to celebrate and savor the delicious and exquisite rhythm of Compas and all the other alternatives (Racine, Jazz, Gospel, etc) that the Haitian musical repertoire has to offer. Among Politicians and dignitaries who were in attendance, we spotted Councilmember Dr. Mathieu Eugene, who made history by becoming first Haitian-American Councilmember in New York City, councilmmber David Yassky, the second female Haitian Prime Minister Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis, Haiti Ambassador to Washington Raymond Joseph and Haitian Consul General in New York Felix Augustin.

One of the organizers, who prefers to remain anonymous, confided that they did not have any major sponsors. But there was a surprising announcement last night when representatives from Delta Airlines came on stage to confirm Delta Airlines will start undertaking daily round trip flights to Haiti starting June 20th of this year. The enthusiastic reaction of the audience showed clearly that Delta is welcome, and it is about time that American Airlines gets some real competition.

Haitian superstar King Kino, who may not be currently at his peak, has just released a new album and he had this to say in the video promo for Compas on Broadway, “Haitian people like to give out report cards. They will issue a report card to Compas on Broadway. You will either get several stars, or receive a yellow card, or a red card.” (Translated from Haitian Creole).
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