Haitian music: Massaj – Chache lanmou (kompa)


Chèche lanmou (Searching for love) by Massaj. Kompa song from the 90’s.
I should go ahead and mention that this was one of my favorite songs when it came out (and a lot of these songs i didn’t like it). Years after having forgotten about it, it’s more than ironic that after a day having thought about it (like oh what happened to that song?), I came upon the file. it was nice to see again. (now, if anyone can find a song named “jenny” by (i don’t remember the artist), please please send it to me. I’ll just die.
Enjoy! Rate if you like.



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  1. @ambreginny He had another song with this group before he went to 509 do you have it s about him and agirl breaking up 2

  2. "if anyone can find a song named "jenny" by (i don't remember the artist), please please send it to me. I'll just die."
    @ambreginny: did you ever find jenny? Been looking for it for years too. I'll die twice if you have it. 😉

  3. wouchhhhh tandonw kout kob around 3:20, oulalalaaaa sim jwenn yon bel deess byen kanpe ki mete yon ti tet jupe poum tanse sou mizik sa ala peze map peze dayummmmmmmmm

  4. anmweyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, that's my songgg, i ve been looking for that song for like a year now, but i didn't remenber the tittle, i loveeeeeeeeeee it

  5. The girl in the video kinda looks like one girl I liked [well, we were dating, right G..? lol] who left Gonaives for the US a few years before I saw that video. I would watch it over and over so I would not forget the face…. Nice song…

  6. ur not the only!
    i too agree that the 90's were great in terms of Haitian music. Creativity was flowing.
    i dunno about this decade when it comes to kompa. the sax has all but disappeared, the keyboards have entirely taken over, most songs sound the same…

  7. That girl reminds me of a girl I thought I would have dated and the song was appropriate the time I heard it a few years ago.
    Nice text !

  8. sure is!
    i can't tell u how much i loved it, since euh, as a typical Haitian kid with cable, i wasn't too much into Kompa.
    Je suis si contente de l'avoir retrouvée. Bons kompa comme ça avec ce meme son (sax, guitar, etc.) deviennent de plus en plus rare.