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  1. Lol these so called Chiraq savages are always lacking. Just cuz you got yo 40 on you don't mean you aint lackin. I don't understand why you going outside by yo self in the dark when you know dudes lookin to kill you.

  2. If you believe you are an up and coming prospect you need to remember people are gunning for you before you even start grinding, so keep your guards up from now on.

  3. All of you who keep saying stupid shit bout the crib.1st off if you ain't grew up on none of these blocks you can't say shit.You don't know what life in these streets is.You ain't got to be on shit but if you rockn wit niggas who getn shot yea you might get pops.You ain't got bang but just cuz you live over there they on yo azz.Then you got guys who brothers,friends or who the fuk ever in the squad so they want to be in the squad.Then you got mf who just doin wtf they do an that's be wit the shits.Maybe they bro got killed by an opp or they got moved on by opps an nigga sum niggas just born for the shit either way an whoever you join you got enemies.

  4. Stupid ass niggas Mann……..how can you be so stupid? Kill your own brother? Never mind all the racism that's goin on ehh? Much respect to the REAL black people… who can't control what these DUMB ASS NIGGAS are doing……so sadd……I was born and raised in chicago in the 70s…..so sad to say that

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