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  1. So if pac knew the A team shot him why he blamed BIGGIE cuz BIG wasnt part of the A TEAM and none of his crew was …. NIGGA PAC WAS A FOUL NIGGA

  2. this is what I talk about the industry when it come 2pac ppl say PAC was bugging he got it wrong .
    he got set up 4 rape shot up .
    all he want Fr biggie more information on the shooting.

    The Pac issue came back up because Angie Martinez after Pac got out of jail was the only HOT97 DJ Pac would talk to because she held Pac down while he was locked down in Clinton. The rest, especially Wendy Williams and Flex, were clowning Pac while he was locked up. When I would visit him in Clinton he said he was gonna flame their asses when he gets out. HOT97 wanted an interview when Pac got out and Pac would only give Angie an interview but he was on the West coast and she had to come out there because Pac didn't leave the studio or L.A. unless it was big money. Pac went so hard on people including Flex that Angie never played the interview, only for a few people because she thought someone would get killed over what Pac said. Flex heard the interview but made a deal that if the station doesn't play the interview Flex can't ever talk about it. Well Angie ain't cool with them no more and hinted recently she might play the interview on POWER105. That set Flex off so he is trying to bomb first just in case that interview comes out.
    Tupac never lied he thought Biggie knew who did it because Puffy knew who did it he was working with Jimmy Henchmen. Him and Jimmy Henchmen were upstairs talking when Pac got shot and robbed then came up in the elevator. Pac was high and his recollection of the night is clouded. Biggie never knew about the shooting he just knew those Brooklyn dudes were shady. Tupac's cousin was in jail when he was shot and the inmates were saying Biggies boys from Brooklyn did it. His cousin told his mom who is Pac's aunt and then he told Tupac what he heard in jail. But Biggie had nothing to do with the whole situation it was all Puffy and Suge.
    The whole situation began because of greed and jealously on the part of Suge Knight. He secretly talked to Biggie and tried to sign him to DEATH ROW but he said NO. That's who Suge was talking to at the awards when he said "ANY ARTIST THAT WANTS TO BE AN ARTIST… (blah….) COME TO DEATH ROW".
    Before that time Puff and Suge were cool, they even hosted parties and did business together. One night Suge asked Puff if Biggie could perform at his club and Puff said YES as long as he got half the money the club made at the door on that night. Suge got pissed and started an argument and left. They saw each other again at a club in ATL owned by a BAD BOY artist with South Side Crip connections and Suge started up again and Puff's bodyguard ended up shooting and killing Suge's best friend. There is video the police have of Suge threatening Orlando Anderson at that club in ATL saying they would finish things when they got back home to L.A. That started the war. Orlando was wanted by the MOB Piru for more than just trying to steal a chain. No Cointelpro or government conspiracy, no Reggie Wright or Ms Knight (she already owned the company)

  4. If this was anybody else talking about their situation on wax like this they would be labeled as a snitch or dry snitching, but sense it's Pac ppl give him a pass. Same thing as Drake with the ghost writing, if it was anybody else their career would be over.  Ppl love to bend the rules for those they seem fit

  5. Hit em up is all time best song… when you breakdown the track.. it must have hurt biggie.. 2pac didn't need metaphors that was an all out direct in your face track … "YOU CLAIM TO BE A PLAYER, BUT I FCKD YOUR WIFE" … how crazy that is

  6. Tut is a well known stick up kid from Cypress Hills PJs in ENY notorious for murder and robberies he's just one of many glorified names from that projects Boo ,Rick,Glaze,LD, Dominoes, Jesus,Head,Amor,Skip,Pep,Mel,etc

  7. "Promised a payback Jimmy Henchmen, in due time I know you bitch niggas is listening. the world is mine. set me up wet up, niggas stuck me up. heard the guns burst, but you tricks never shut me up. Touch one of mine, on every thing I owe, I will destroy everything you touch, play yo game nigga." AGAINST ALL ODDS ~ Tupac

  8. Haitian jack is in Brooklyn the two shooters are still in prison one in ny state prison the other in Raybrook federal prison and puff is STILL acting like he has no involvement even though the whole city knows what happened that night

  9. Lying contradicting ass! First he said jimmy tried killing him, it wasn't a warning he shot him 4 times… then he tells the truth about how PAC pulled out and shot himself by mistake