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  1. Cute. Dimples n thick. Just too young or better yet I'm just too old. I mean, I like that she had some dignity about herself to the point she snuffed Homie. Same thing we all should expect our lil sisters to do.

  2. the funny thing is her emotionally fueled reaction, followed by her saying "why would you put my business out there.." told us everything she didnt want anyone to know. it could have been passed off as just a freestyle if she just kept her cool or laughed it off.

  3. he should have NEVER disrespected an ebony princess like that. she had EVERY right to respond in a violent manner because women can hit us if they want. i dont see any double standard. we as men must all let bitches take our kindness for weakness and let them get away with everything while we shouldn't get away with shit. Oprah, you should be proud madame! :D

  4. I'm use to love Charles…lol. damn I'm forgot all about this. Sway brought me here. That was a cold ass jab he threw at her so the one she through was well deserved! She let that shit marinade for a minute too…lol

  5. Daaamn i almost forgot this lmao the hot 97 interview with Rosenberg and Laura Styles brought me here.I wanna see what the girl looks like now 

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