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  1. In the Haitian Culture. This is what we called Zouk!!! I don't know that Kizomba ya talking about and also remember dances break out in different forms and trends but for sure in the Haitian culture that's how we get down! Sweet and Sensual! The slower the better and when your man can dance like this, it's icing on the cake and my man can dance but he Jamaican but hey they can get down to, So it's a caribbean explosion when we hit the dance floor. It's like foreplay. After this it is straight to the bedroom : )

  2. This veideo was the first time i had seen or even hear of zouk. I caught it on Facebook about 4-5 years ago. The video always stuck w/me. I could not dance at all then. I still cant zouk, but I do want to learn. I have been working on salsa, bachata, and merengue for the last 3 years b/c tha,ts what is popular in my area. I want to learn kizomba as well. The thing is, I have viewed so many other zouk videos on here and non are in this style. They are all grind your hips into his leg, turn you 20 million times, grind again, then 40 million more turns. I wonder why there are no more this intimate and sensual.

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