How Meghan has inspired Princess Beatrice’s new royal look


Before Meghan Markle entered the picture, Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew, was known for her lace dresses, frilly accessories, and penchant for bright colors. But now that Markle is officially a part of the royal family, there has been a noticeable shift in the princess’s wardrobe.
According to celebrity stylist Rochelle White, Beatrice’s new look may have been inspired by the Duchess of Sussex. Though, who wouldn’t want to mirror Meghan’s impeccable style?



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  1. It has nothing to do with Meghan. Maybe the two princesses just grew up. If you look around "stylish" has been in amongst many royals worldwide before Meghan walked into the royal family. Give me a break. It is fashionable to be chic now instead of tacky and dowdy. She is no longer a teen or twenty year old college aged student. She looked around her at what many chic royalty and older famous women have been wearing and joined in.

  2. I like Megan but come on… the media is trying to paint her as some kind of Savior to the Royal Family they were doing just fine before she got there and they'll continue doing just fine if she should leave

  3. That's good she is now styling like Meghan, wow she is only 29 years old? I thought she is 39. keep styling Beatrice that new look is better than the old one. please.

  4. I'm glad she is taking style tips from Kate and Meghan. Her wardrobe choices up until now have been horrific. Eugenie's were only slightly better. They seemed to have no clue about dressing for their bodies or their age. Never too late to learn!

  5. Meghan is a winter. Kate an autumn as are the York girls. They all need to stick to their color palettes to make themselves look better. White on Kate does her no favors. The York's  both need to go with clothes that do not fit so tightly, they do not have the build for it. Nipped at the waist but easy flowing over the hips. Although Eugenie has lost weight her style is usually out of season and a mismatch of things generally not worn together in a fashion sense. The fascinators need to be toned down and not become the subject of jest. When clothes fit your body well you look more glamourous automatically. The York's try way to hard to be fashionistas and they come across as clownish instead. Eugenie is a nice looking young woman in need of a good haircut and clothes in her fashion season. Beatrice needs more help than I could offer. But my advise is stop dressing with tips from Sarah she definitely dresses inappropriately and is aging very rapidly. Sarah looks older than the Queen, she needs to lay off the alcohol like yesterday. Unfortunately I really don't think Andrew is any help to his daughters and does them no favors overlooking their inappropriateness on any given occasion.

  6. Glad she’s getting some semblance of style. Now, she needs serious help fixing her mouth. Something with her jaw and protruding overbite needs addressing.

  7. She is wearing the wrong colors… she is a spring or autumn…she needs warm greens.turquoise to royal blues..coral pink…warm yellow and camel…and navy for her neutrals no white…no cool blues no cool purples etc…those are for winter and summer folks.

  8. whomever she is taking a cue from, she is looking like a young princess now. before she looked like an old woman. she is much too young to have been dressing like that. glad she fired her mother if she was advising her.