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Ashle: Hey. I’m Ashle Dawson.

Henri: I’m Henry Velandia.

Ashle: And today we’re going to be showing you some Zouk basics. We’re going to demonstrate it first, and then we’re going to break it down for you.

Henri: Okay. Here it goes. And dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun. Yes.

Ashle: Great.

Henri: So that was the basic step. And we’re going to break it down for you. And this dance, just to give a little background, comes from a Brazilian dance called Lambada. So it has a lot of movements and slow movements. So when we do it with the music you will see. Okay. So let me break down first the basic steps. So the guys are going to hold the ladies with the right hand. You’re going to hold the lady’s back. You’re going to embrace her entire back with your forearm and your hand. Okay. Every time you step, guys, you’re going to step back with the left. And ladies, you’re going to step between the guy’s feet. Okay. So, and that’s going to be the first count. You’re going to go back. One. Yes. Dun, she goes. One. And one more time. She goes. One. Then we’re going to step in place. Chick, chick, and you go forward with the right. Again, a slow beat. Dun. And then chick, chick, and you go back with the left. Dun, chick, chick, and forward, chick, chick, and back. Chick, chick, and forward, chick, chick, and back. As you can see, we’re really close. In this dance, we love to dance a little bit different. We’re a little more diagonal than the other dances are square. That way we have more room to move with each other. Right?

Ashe: And you can feel each other’s connection. It’s a very intimate dance. So there’s none of this space-conscious. You’re really close. You’re relaxed, and you’re relaxing into your partner.

Henri: Good. So this is one more time, with the counts. Yes? So it’s going to go back on the one with the left. One, together, together, follow on the right. Then together, together. Back on the one, together, together, four, on the five, together, together. Dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun. Yes? Now let’s try it with some music. So we start with the slow motion, because the music is [?] for it. And then when we hear the beat, then we start going. Okay? Here we go. Five, six, seven, and dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, slow, slow, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, [?], chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, and we’re slow.

Ashle: And there’s your Zouk basic.

Henri: Yes. Pretty simple. Slow, chick, chick, slow, chick, chick, and you can listen to many different styles of music, including hip hop. And so when you are in the club, grab a lady and just do your basic Zouk basic movement. And they’re going to love it.

Ashle: And girls, just stay relaxed and low with your man.

Henri: Exactly.



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  1. It is stealing. Martinique and guadeloupe are very tiny and are fighting to be creative and distinctive, their original "zouk music and dance" influenced a lot of current black musics all over the world ( back to Africa, "dombolo mapuka soucouss, Kizumba, lambada from brazil/ on other islands of the caribbeans, whim some artists end up in the USA as well)…these practises minor the part of these tiny but creative islands(people) if not ignore it completly. These is disrespectful to their culture. Like taking a song or step from an artist, modifying it a lil' bit then saying it's all yours.

  2. I'm from Martinique, where Zouk is originated from together with Guadeloupe… this is not zouk at all!!!!! please change the title to not offend our culture!!!

  3. What are you calling this zouk? Zouk is a dance and a music that comes from the caribbean… What you guys are doing is just salsa…

  4. Everybody wants to possess zouk music, AFrica, cabo verde, brazil. it came from on two tiny islands in the french caribbeans. Small but everybody knows Martinique and Guadeloupe at least by name!

  5. Wtf? This is not zouk! And since when it's a latin dance?? Zouk is a traditional, french creole dance like the kompa from the french "antilles" (west indies) like haïti, martinique and guadeloup.

  6. All those posting outraged comments need to calm down. There are different forms of zouk. Yes, the original term "zouk" refers to French Caribbean music, and the slow, grinding dance couples do to that music. This is a different form of zouk, which comes from Brazil and evolved out of lambada. BOTH forms of zouk are cultural treasures from their respective homes, and have long, cherished histories. Just like there are totally different styles of dance people will call salsa, or hustle, or rumba, or swing, there are different styles of dance that are called zouk. The presence of a Brazilian dance called zouk does not diminish or invalidate the French Caribbean form- and the Brazilian form has been around too long and too established around the world as "zouk" to go by another name now, even though some instructors have tried to change the name of the dance to clear up any confusion. Those efforts don't work, because too many people know and love this dance called zouk.

  7. this is definetly NOT zouk!… this looks like a bad mix between merengue and salsa! THOSE are latin dances… and the music?? wtf?! 

  8. This is unfortunate and sad.  Like everyone below has mentioned, Zouk is NOT brazilian. ZOUK IS A FRENCH CARIBBEAN DANCE.  This video should be removed as it mis-informs people on the origins, cultural significance and popularity of Zouk. Bianca Spindler, please refrain from your "technically kinda only popular in Brazil." You sound ridiculous and completely ignorant.  Visit Martinique, Guadalupe, or any north american city with a french caribbean population and you will see the influence and popularity of Zouk.  Montreal, NYC, Atlanta, Philly, LA …..

  9. ??
    this is not even ZOUK !!!
    O MY GOD, how can you lie or misinformation people ?
    you teach Lambadazouk or whatever brazilian dance, BUT THIS is definitly NOT ZOUK.
    I AM FRENCH !!!

  10. I don't know where you learn this dance but it's really different from Zouk dance. You don't show Zouk dance on this video but a kind of Salsa with a slow rythme.
    You say it like the lambada and it came from Brazil ? seriously?
    Zouk come from the French West Indies (guadeloupe, martinique, …), it's a creole dance. It's true that the woman and the man have to dance very close but not like you show in this video. So you should look on others videos how to dance Zouk.

  11. it is French creole, its a great dance for people who cant dance, or have no rhythm. kinda of like single time swing or jitter bug. there's no real purpose to the movement and theres no phrasing or musicality.