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  1. Ambica and Racheal James I was thinking the same,I mean whining comes naturally to me ,I would be sitting on a chair if I got bored I would start whining even without music.

  2. Wooow! Very, and I mean it, very..very..very good dancing, cute baby girl : something else rather than music? We can't just strand on music, right ?

  3. Hum. Please stop. Cent five cent ten cent dolla you don't even know what is coming out your mouth! Go look up the song you're quoting and redo this video- you're not even.dollar wining proper smh. Wine is not in your hips. It's in your waist. Isolate your waist muscles and rotate that in a circle. Not easy to do if you don't understand what that means. Please get some info on the culture you're talking about. Wining is not Jamaican- trini, Bajan, Antiguan, tolans, and West Indians in general wine.

  4. She's good at the 'whining' part but her stance is all weird looking.her legs don't need to that far apart and her knees dnt have to be that bent, especially since she's wearing heels and when u dance in heels you have to bend your knees slightly anyways

  5. y'all can pay me I'm from Trinidad we whine so a whine cent five cent ten cent dollar is a song from Trinidad I prefer to say its a west Indian thing rather than just Jamaican and hey if the Africans wanna claim it to hey! this is basically a black person with groove thing lol