I’ll Love You for Eternity “Spoken” Song


This is a new “spoken” song
Collaboration project ETERNITY by
kenzoK – Ken Ferretti
DarleneP – Darlene Pappalardo
offthewall – James Fraser
Creative Commons Attribution
Lyrics “Eternity” by DarleneP(c) March,2014
(Spoken Words)
Another year has passed but it seems like just yesterday you brushed the hair out of my face.
We were sailing on the lake when the wind blew in from the east and the waves started crashing.
I was never afraid with you by my side
But the air turned frigid and as you wrapped your arms around me I felt a chill
and when I looked into your eyes I could tell something was not right
And as you got up to adjust the sails a gust so strong came out of nowhere and all I can remember is your voice drifting thru the wind telling me I’ll love you for eternity.
And as I sit here on the shore glancing out to sea I hear the whispers of the wind and you’re with me once again.

Picture Engagement Shoot – Sunset Panorama
by Brian Holland



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