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  1. The slaves were not upwardly mobile educationally or financially, they were also denied a heritage of educated parents, so what kind of a society do you think these people could build after they freed themselves from the white Christians?

  2. @AshKnight80 I just asked a simple question without equating anything with anything else. You jumped to conclusion without further debating or further investigation. Wow, maybe debate and forum discussion is just not for you after all. Have you done any kind of study or are you just a plain dropout? 

  3. My condolence to all the Haiti people, May God fulfill all your needs, and may the Lord forgive each and everyone of us for our sins, Please people be kind and be respectful……….Thankz Your Angel!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have u heard that um im not sure 600,000 people in Haiti have like been suffering and everybody's sad because their family have been suffering or killed!!! We need to stop the suffering by giving them clothes, money, food and water!!! We need to send them our heart so they know that we are there for them… Help Haiti!!! Cause I know for sure they would help us if we had a horrible earthquake!!!! God have mercy for Haiti!!! We have mercy for Africa, Indoseia, and the other places hit badly.Bye!!

  5. You're kidding, right? How naive you are. The world is beyond saving. Millions have already died, and tens of millions more will follow. That light in the darkness is dim and bleak, and may very well go out soon. It isn't about the most powerful countries saving the weaker, but merely ensuring that they survive to carry on the species. Those in destitute conditions that consistently bring about new generations to toil in the filth through rampant procreation only condemn more to die.

  6. What has happened in Haiti is a fore-taist of what is coming to America. How we respond to The Haitians hour of Crisis will greatly determine how God deals with us in our very own, soon approaching hour of crisis.
    "good luck!"

  7. Why is everyone in these comments so fucking harsh?
    a freak earth quake happened because of tectonic plates moving under the surface of the earth. As was the Tsunami and new Orleans. People are dieing and all you can say are mean things…
    You all disgust me

  8. @GoyimPrideHungary

    your ppl only love them self in time of crysis your stil stuck in your problem and your vison.

    this is very typical for your kind.

    there is deep hate in your hart its a huge problem the world is faces this day.

    i hope you face the same problems the poor ppl from haiti so you know how it feels.

    may god kill you, amen.

  9. @ToxicOdiousOne
    Exactly!! Let's bring them all to the US and live off of the taxes of the working. The only jobs for blacks right now are Governent jobs and we all know why that is.

  10. I seen this movie before, the first half was called 911, the 2 was called tsunami, 3 was called new orleans, the 4 called haiti earthquake. i warned people of this movie, But all i got was persecuted & told i was crazy. the name of this movie is called NEW WORLD ORDER.

  11. Fuck Haiti, did we get tax deductions for Katrina? Tell the Hatians to go fuck themselves. Stop being idiot niggers and get a clue. Fuck you Haiti. I'm sick of your " poor me " bullshit. God hates you. He just doesn't have the balls to get rid of you. A few nukes would do it. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR??!!

  12. DaCoolGuy, people care because they're human beings, BUT if making fun or putting down people who are suffering and dying is funny to you just remember, what goes around comes around. That never fails.

  13. Regina, first of all, the majority of Haitians are Catholic, not VooDoo worshippers. The majority of people in New Orleans are not into VooDoo either. That city is built several feet below sea level, the leavees were weak, and the warm waters in the Gulf strengthened the storm.

    Christians celebrate all kinds of Pagan holidays, but yet you didn't mention that.

  14. MrTrixter311, don't get upset with the world just because your sister refused to accept your marriage propsal, you inbred hillbilly. It's wrong to marry within your family circle anyway, and since your parents are siblings, doesn't make it right or legal.

    Go give your roach-infested, poop-smelling, single-wide trailer home a good cleaning, and stop calling cockroaches your pets, you toothless inbred..

  15. i can only imagine the people there seeing this video. i bet they would really appriciate the car commercial and the front and end of the video. no wonder other countrys hate us so much.

  16. What wrong with the racist weirdo's that live on you tube, on every black related video, you have these bedroom nerds that would never put there real photo up Cause they know what would happen if they did, in sighting hate and basically being totally messed up. IS it allowed, should forums like You Tube being supporting….really grating me…

  17. I know Robert Smith. I met him and his wife when I was at LSE in the 1990's. Very nice people. I enjoy their music a lot. I learned English listening to music.

  18. VooDoo originate in africa, haiti is a french word not african, the island use to be own by native indians Tainos, n like the egyptian they had a matriarch system before Spain invaded what is know as hisponola – that earthquake was activated – n addition i in live in fla. news footage haitians on the boat comin to america were force to turn around, y the caring heart now. they only want the land for its natural gold Au highly electrical – who kill the people of new orleans after katrina.

  19. Read the posts. The most vile come from Americans. When a tragic things like 9/11 happens to them, they cry like babies. When it happends to some one else, they make fun.

    Sad really.

  20. this is a tragedy for humanity >i do hope that ALL money collected is used to obtain needed material goods from outside of haiti rather than the cash handed to corrupt haitian officials.
    >the victims cannot eat, wash in or live inside money -may we learn from the mistakes of IMF money to africa, which mostly worsened the plight of the poor and strengthened tribal marxist dictatorships

  21. omg people people Why are you so RACIST!?!?!
    it is not their fault nor anyone else's why hate when you can help!?!?!?!?!?

    I don't believe in god so this is not anyone's fault

  22. Haiti is only practice the Gov is seeing what happens to people when you take away Food & creat starvation H.A.R.R.P THEY have A weapon to control THE weather it will be used for N.W.O

    GOD bless us ALL…

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