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  1. I was 12 years old in middle school when this track came out. I used to think Bobby was sayin "Dealing with Phil" instead of "Dealing with him". Phil really screwed up. Lol. Of course, i wasn't the only one who thought that, because that was his tone of voice. Bobby was gettin live in this video!!!!! Great times of wearing Headbands, Wristbands and Jerseys.

  2. i made a comment elsewhere its about bobby brown he can outshine usher cus he doesn't need choreo and he can outshine Chris Brown cus he don't dance all hard. its just a natural groove he has. in this video he had to be like 40 or something because Bobby is 50 now.

  3. shit after 2pac's death all these niggas started to blow up.. i think back then we was needing something to replace what was lost in hip-hop and look how far we have come today. . ???? yet who's at fault me personally hip-hop is dead. . this new sound is in my opinion is a form of hip-hop yet lacking concept. like buying a shoe that looks like nike but does no have the nike check. .

  4. Man i love me some bobby crooked mouth and all. LOL watching these old videos …although i loved bobby as a kid…he was on reg rotation for me and i was doing all the dance moves but looking at the videos all together i see why Whitney kept telling us he was the King of R&B. he was the shit. i still love him though.

  5. Wow this takes me right back to 6th grade lol..me & my sisters used 2 watch this & crack up o.d. his jaw was twisted at the time & he was just so animated in this video. @01:37 gets me every time ??? Love u Bobbayy!! Whitney Voice

  6. Will always be my favorite Bobby B performance….He was TURNED TF UP…lol…He was GONE, but FEELIN IT…LOL…Mouth was twisted like a MOFO…He sooooo animated!!!! After the video….they shoulda gave him an intervention.

  7. I've always said that Ja could have come through the bullshit if he didn't have such turncoat fans. The difference between his beef with 50 and Big and Pac's beef is that whether you picked a side or not, you were listening to both Big and Pac! Why MF's chose fake gangsta 50 over Ja is a mystery to me, because you all know you were bumpin Ja's shit at one time! I'm looking forward to his last album, I think it comes out this month, dude been working hard on it and I bet it's going to be the shit!

  8. OHHH and S/O to ATL esp. VICK wish he could be signed real quick before the superbowl 2017 this sunday so the ATL falcons at least give him a ring for carrying them during his highest paid days . Legendary his is regardless. PEACE

  9. 00:1200:14 Bobby (who has on a dude who arguably was better than MJ Bias, who died from ODing the night of being  DRAFTED to the NBA by BOS) Throws up a sign….smh ("my my my- Johnny Gill")
    So then then video proceeds and they GET ON A PLANE / Get HIGH AF (look at that nigga BOBBY C'mon)
    Anyway, once they LAND THAT MFer…. Whew! He's on his YEEZY shit boyyyyyyy

    JUST LOOK @ 1:12 He HIGH AF

  10. 1st of ALL, SHOW RESPECT TO THE OG STEVIE WONDER for the CLassic.
    I COULD , but won't share any more jewels.. (DO your HOMEWORK)

    B. Brown #LEGEND regardless. (shit R KELLY is redeemed so..)

    GGGGGGG-G UNIT (Don't FORGET niggas)

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