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  1. This is Jacmel, I was just there a week ago, the people are beautiful, strong and prideful. Stop the hating on each other, whether you Dominican hating on Haitians or vice versa. I'm of Cape Verde descent , I'm just happy to be alive and living it RIGHT. Life is too short to hate, I know my fathers Cape Verde history, Cape Verdean's like Domincans, and some mulatto Haitians are basically descendants of AFRICAN WOMAN WHO WERE RAPED BY PALE-SKIN EUROPEANS. I challenge anyone to correct me if i'm wrong on this. So, if some Dominicans are so proud of that at the same time terrorizing Haitians in the DR because they are black, TO HELL WITH YOU. Haiti liberated DR from the bondage of European EVIL and to see,and hear the mistreatment of Haitians in the DR is senseless. You are all KIN better start acting like it. And shame on you black Dominicans who strive to be in the image of Paleskin slave mastering bastard who raped OUR great,great,great grandmothers centuries ago, and now he got you hating her BLACKNESS when it is her blackness that originally populated this EARTH TODAY….recognize QUISQUEYA meaning in the ancient TAINO language MOTHER OF ALL LAND FOR THE ENTIRE ISLAND OF HISPANIOLA ,Haiti and Dominican Republic SAME. Join hands,come together and respect one another.

  2. Do it yourself. Once they put you into slavery, do not not trust them today; they will never give you something good. Think brother!!! you have to do it yourself with your own hands.

  3. Tanpri bèl dans sa yo on sektè ka fè anpil kòb avèk yo lè tourist ale on kote yo renmen ale gade yo wi profite gwo okazyon sa yo tout bèl moun sa yo se on pakèt star wi yo ye gade bèl bagay pou nou kite ap gaspiye mizik se on langaj inivèsèl wi li ye domaj m pa ge anpil kòb

  4. The CARNAVAL DES FLEURS costumes aren t nice 
    i don t like them 

    Trinidad & Barzil wouldn t have made that mistake 
    and it s always the little dance with Baskets Haitians do .

  5. Every time i lose hope about Haiti, Pridesofhaiti gives me the reason why I should never give up on my Haiti cherie. This video is hte best video about Haiti thus far.

  6. Im from the north, but this is the most beautiful city in Haiti by far and they very artistic over there, which i love very much, look at the entrance to the city, wow wow wow wow and more wow….

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