Jamaica in Haiti for Carifesta XII


Carifesta’s mission is to bring the Caribbean people together. Jamaica recently confirmed its participation in this year’s CARIFESTA XII in Haiti! Hear some Jamaicans’ and Haitians’ thoughts on this!
Featuring: Kino Richards, Larry Campbell, Fanny Roy and Myrtha Désulmé
Video by: Christalie Parisot



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  1. my man you have your own personal issues I was born and raised in Jamaica my wife is from Haiti we have fun in Haiti we have fun in Jamaica I don't know what your issue man anyone with a brain knows that Haiti was the first Caribbean island to be freed we all respect Haiti accomplishments so stop coming here and putting black people against black people we don't need you to tell us anything

  2. Truth. A Jamaican man named Dutty Bookman started the Haitian revolution. He was a Vodun priest. Jamaicans need ro get educated on their Haitian connection. Peace n love fellow African brothers and sisters