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  1. I wish I can see my brother I haven't seen him in 5 yrs now the last time that I saw him was 2012 now it's 2017 and still have not seen my brother?? hope you come back home from LA!! Brothers for life BJ

  2. Omg I can watch this over a million times and I would cry every time. My mother was a single parent raising me and my 2 sister and I love my mom for that she's the best thing a guy like me could ever asked for.

  3. "Mama…" it was at that exact moment when the onions once being cut began to fill the room with an aroma that would have made even the manliest of men cry

  4. I was just watching Nick Cannon's Caught On Camera! When his mother surprised him, " I cried like a baby!" That was such a beautiful moment! I can't ever imagine being in that situation! Then I called my mom! ? (Loved the video!) ????

  5. just had a moment like this in my own life. got reunited with 3 siblings I hadn't seen in about 18 years, along with a 4th I never knew I had. pure, raw emotion. nothing on this earth can replace the feeling of getting back someone you thought you lost

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