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  1. Damn baby ,you ain't got to hurt no more .You to good for this world.Its too many haters and jealous ass mofo's.You belong in Heaven with Our Father❤❤❤ I love you ,I hope you run across my Dad he's a musician and people looked at him the same way.

  2. Damn he probably could have lived a self-fulfilling life if he had some real friends around him who really loved and cared for him not as a singer but as a person. Perhaps if he had his Soulmate to pull him thru the hard times, sometimes that's all a man needs is his mate by his side to love him and be loyal to him which adds value to his life and give him something to live for.

  3. Met this dude in 2000 real cool after we met we stayed in contact for a min Rest Well My Dude see you on the other side tell everyone from my family and friends I said hello God Bless

  4. Rest in Peace to the big homie Johnny P. I grew up listening and blowing trees and getting skin to your music. Do or Die and Johnny P., my favorite group then and now. So sad to see how he was treated. Best R and B voice of our generation. My favorite JP song, "I don't deserve it". Classic.