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  1. Loved the video man if you have time could you check out me? You dont got to subscribe or anything just listen to some of my music and Ill be grateful :)

  2. Juvenile's probably my all time favorite rapper. Haven't seen a pic or vid of him in years! He's so right about not breaking up fights…I was just thinking about that yesterday. There's an unsolved case near me in which an argument/fight broke out, and a dude intervened and stopped the fight. One of 'em came back and shot and killed dude as he sat in his car.

  3. I think you should never speak on things that you can't never effort to understand. Wayne been grown for awhile now. so you mean Birdman just now started fukin you. yall Wayne smart fuk you im gone im tha man now and fuk you pay me. But I believe they both gay.

  4. What juvenile really wanted to say: "I tried to warn Wayne about how shady baby was back in the gap…that is why I left cash money because baby was playing with my money,my album and he started making shady deals behind  the group back. He started to get national recognition and he saw Wayne as a cash cow so he started flaking on me, B.G., and Turk. When I released my 400 degrees album…the tension was already escalating between the Cash Money click…ya know Wayne was young and like any young cat from the hood you dangle some money in front of him and feed a plate a good lies and bullshit…of course they will bite…so you know Wayne just had to learn the hard way but hopefully this shit can get resolved…I still got love for wayne and his success but for the record I would like to say Karma is a bitch…I came out with 400 degrees and he turned right around and put out 500 degrees…so baby did the same shit between him and young thug".

  5. BUT Still Lil wayne Karma Came Back At You For stealing Juvenile Album.  But still young thug gay ass still had NO I MEAN NO FUCKING RIGHT TO STEAL HIS ALBUM.  But hey karma is karma..

  6. Damb why is everybody goung in on juve this msn was the forefront him and bg wen cash money first hit the scene without him and bg there would hv been no hotboys who u think eayne got his style and swag from he changed it over the years but these two niggas taught him everything he knows nt baby

  7. What y'all expecting juvi to say? He ain't a bitch ass nugga that's gon get on YouTube blasting people he obviously straight time always tell the truth even without him speaking out 

  8. Straight dick rider let birdman rip you off once now again he ain paying wayne what makes him so special that's why wayne took everyone from ymcmb to ym except this broke bitch. For years juvi want to dis bird n wayne on how he got ripped off was never paid etc…where's he at now the same dude he claims fucked him over 

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