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  1. guys idk but i think kasinova is tupac. i know his voice, his thoughts, his laughs.. if tupac will ever return, he'll in 2014. let's lean back and wait

  2. this is fuckin tupac, just hear the lyrics no other rapper raps that smart like this, plus 2pac is saying lock me up and throw away the key it means that he's telling everything and don't care if they put him in prison he even asks to throw away the key of his cell. now it is strange that he raps about t.i. obama and hilary. 

  3. don't get to sure of your self or its going to be a big let down when he don't come back in 2014 there a chance he is still out there alive but its hard to say tell u what kasinova is not tupac his voice is deeper then 2pac's 

  4. this guy talks nothin like how he raps. just letting yall know, this is tupac, hes in cuba with his sister and is comin back in 2014.

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