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Kassav is a Caribbean zouk and mostly compas music band formed in Paris in 1979. The core members of the band are Jocelyne Béroard, Jacob Desvarieux, Jean-Philippe Marthély, Patrick St. Eloi, Jean-Claude Naimro, Claude Vamur and Georges Décimus (who left to form Volte Face and returned). Kassav’ have issued over 20 albums, with a further 12 solo albums by band members

Kassav’ was formed in 1979 by Pierre-Edouard Décimus (former musicians from the Les Vikings de Guadeloupe) and Paris studio musician Jacob F. Desvarieux. Together and under the influence of well-known Dominican and Guadeloupean kadans or compas bands like Experience 7, Grammacks and Exile One, they decided to make Guadeloupean carnival music and record it in a more fully orchestrated yet modern and polished style. Kassav’ created its own style by introducing an eleven-piece gwo ka unit and two lead singers, tambour, ti bwa, biguine, cadence-lypso: calypso and mostly cadence or compas with full use of the MIDI technology. In the 1980s they took Caribbean music to another level by recording in the new digital format.
Kassav, which music repertoire is 80% compas music, is considered the creator of the zouk style of its period appearance and style for the new era. At the time, before the birth of the group existed primarily as musical styles in Guadeloupe and Martinique:


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1. Zouk la Sé Sèl Médikaman Nou Ni
2. Nou Zouk La
3. Pa Ni Pwoblem
4. Zot’ Vini Pou
5. Zongonn
6. Apre zouk la
7. Se dam bonjou
8. Tonbé Léta
9. Souskay
10. Soulagé Yo
11. Tout’ La Rivyè Ka Déçan’ An Lan Mè
12. Gorée
13. Ayé_
14. Siyé Bwa
15. Dezodie
16. Ou ba la tai
17. Ma mele
18. Fanm’ Chatenn
19. Kaye Man Man
20. Pas connait
21. Mwen Alé
22. Oh Mapiana
23. Ola Ou Yé
24. Ou Pa Ka Sav
25. Rosa
26. Souf’ Zouk
27. En mouvmen
28. Ou pet
29. Wep
30. Siwo
31. Rachétchè
32. Difé Soupapé
33. Bizness
34. Flash’
35. An Ba Chen’n La
36. Sé Pa Djen Djen
37. Mwen Malad Aw
38. L’Esancyel
39. Rété
40. Domeyis
41. Djoni
42. Aver doudou
43. Sa moi ni sa pour
44. Wep
45. Kavalie O Dam
46. Fabiola
47. Pa Bizwen Palé
48. Bèl Kréati
49. Lévé Tèt’ Ou
50. Miste La Via
51. Mové Jou
52. Pa Bisouin Pale
53. Ou Lé
54. Kolé Séré

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  1. Just lost 30 pounds dancing to this playlist.. Remember growing up and dancing at parties with a girl against the wall and grinding all night.. damn, the good ole days

  2. oh my stars, as a kid in Dominica, I remember thinking I was the best dancer on that island, trying to get my little azz in all the grown dances… lololol… too funny..

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