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  1. melodic rhythm you are a ethnomusicologist that is cool I want to ask you a question do you think there is a difference between ZOUK and KOMPA from what I've learn they are the same musique that came from MERENGUE HAITIAN

  2. Greggythebest mettre les dans les deux côtés Kompas Zouk, car ils sont la même musique Zouk est né de Kompas, Zouk est Kompas les Martiniquais et Guadeloupéens avaient pris à partir d'Haïti et les mélanger avec d'autres musiques comme Soca calypso, soukous, et plus la technique MIDI que Kassav avait d'onc utilise.

  3. Kendrick ross they make the mistake that is a HAITIAN sound music TROUBADOU not troubazouk it is a mixture of Haitian merenge which is – KOMPA, KADANCE RAMPA. zouk don't have it's place here 

  4. Zouk Artists old and new; Fanny J., Daan Junior, Alan Cave, Edith Lefel (RIP), Malavoi, Jocelyne Labylle, NAÏMA ZOUK "Avec ou sans toi", Tina et Richard Cavé de Carimi "A tes Cotés", Jean-Marie Ragald, Harry Diboula, Eric Virgal, Patrick Saint-Eloi (RIP), Jean-Philippe Marthely, Kassav, Nathalie Perroni, Jim Rama…. Hopefully this helps! You'll find more as you look these up. ;-)

  5. Pas Kompa ou Zouk. Twoubadou. Oui Kassav chante le Zouk habituellement ainsi que les autres chansons de cette compilation ont ete chante dans le passe en style Zouk mais dans ce cas, tu veux metre dans la rubrique Twoubadou. ;-)

  6. hey i am looking for more kompa and Zouk , Merengue, Bachata mucis …. but i don't know what famous and known artist or albums or songs to serach for can someone plz help me………

  7. You can go to linktomusic(dot)com and search for "antilles troubadour vol 1", anything that comes up will give you links to purchase the album. 

  8. need to b a bit more specific. the subject is vast. look into the courts of love of queen Eleanor de Aquitaine . Her courts were heavily influenced by the Spanish courts and therefore the Muslim's culture of the iberian peninsula. so u got mobility of troubadour, then the guitar of north africans mixed with spaniards, and african drums and kreyol marimbula all understated to suit french taste…n voila!

  9. I am doing a presentation on Haitian music, i will need to know more about troubadour and merengue Haitienne could you please send me some info about that

  10. Cette reprise comprend 3 anciennes chansons ; There are 3 songs :
    1st: "Pa bizwen pale" (Kassav) + 2nd : "Se pa fot mwen" (Eric Virgal) + 3rd: "Tu me manques" (Harry Diboula)

  11. as an ethnomusicologist, I have to look at evidences and go into a bit of detail. the only music that is close to twubadu is changui in Cuba. but we know that Changui came from colonial or pre-colonial Ayiti…humm, Changui is close to mento, calipso, and bachata…listen there will not b any musical genre coming out of the caribbean that u cannot link to spanish or french Ayiti, and from ayiti back to africa…incidentally, when i speak of ayiti, i am speaking of the island of AYITI!

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