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  1. A very young beautiful woman shared this wonderful love song with me. It is one of the most beautiful love songs that I have ever heard. Almost as beautiful as the young woman that turned me on, and turned me on to this song. The words describe the feelings that we have for one another. And the music is superb. Thank you for sharing my Queen. I shall love you always…..

  2. ‎Lisa Burkhalter King‎ to Updates on Kai
    May 29 ·
    Kai 6 yrs.old had Tracheotomy,following the car crash on the way to school…resulting in Spinal Cord, Traumatic Brain Injury leaving her paralyzed from the upper chest down.
    This is her 1st song after 3.5 months @ CMC, recovering from a car accident on the way to school 4/13/15…She is a fighter & learned to sing her favorite song!
    She was diagnosed as not able to talk, speak or sing.

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