Kaysha Diamonds – Haitian Konpa / Kizomba Mixed Dance


KOTR Dance Project Featuring Choreographers from University of Florida.

Our first among many videos to come. So trust videos will get better and better as we put them out. We’re still experimenting with this dance style, keep it close to Haitian Compass as possible but live comments and please SUBSCRIBE!!! 🙂

Dance: Konpa (Mix of Haitian Kompa/Compas, Zouk)
Dancers/Choreographers: Benson J. and Tina T
Director: Sony Laventure
Music: Diamonds by Kaysha
Video: Shot with a Canon T1i and T2i

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  1. I like this song from great Kaysha very much. The dancer is so full of love, the dance is so beautiful!
    I don't look at the feet how they step (they dance very well), but I look at the whole person.
    Thank you very much!

  2. I really appreciate the fact that you guys  work so hard to release this video. but That was utterly ridiculous and useless.  the performance is not great that is not compas dance. you guys try to mess up Nemour's invention.

  3. This ISN'T konpa it's kizomba which I absolutely love. I like the choreography however I didn't feel the connection between the partners, I felt like they were more focused on trying not to mess up the steps.

  4. WTF, I agree with Tyson John. This is NOT KOMPA. There are thousands of Kompa songs singing in Creole with good guitar and synthesizer solo to represent. This is a Kizomba/Zouk, Not Kompa. You should be proud of your music. KOMPA music was invented in the 1950s and still going strong. 

  5. It looks very nice! You seem to have a bit similar kind of leading as in the brazilian zouk but the basic step is diferent. You also share the music with brazilian zouk! Do you know if they have any similarities in the history? :)

  6. It was nice for a start, but i wasn't really feeling the chemistry between you two! For moves life that,i feel like there should be be more sensuality between you both! You wanna make the public believe, and feel the bond that connects you two.
    Tina my love you need to smile when dancing, and i did not like the shoes! Beside these small details, you guys were great!

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