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  1. me and my ex was together for 2 years and he could sit in my face and fake love me knowing he had a girl pregnant and she had to be the one to tell me but I had to learn to let that love go

  2. one day she will see want he want he love you , but it hurt him to mine time he want you out his mind do you remember. want you said to him , he walk a lone save him talk to him and keep our friend. alive

  3. I think I'm done..my heart has been broken too many times. I hate being lonely, but it's better than a broken heart and a crushed spirit. ??

  4. Wow!! This is a deep song totally reminded me of when i was with my kids dad so many ups and downs but loved him when he passed… even though we weren't together anymore we we're just to opposites ?? R.I.P

  5. Still listening #2017 I love this song it always gets to me… I can really relate to this so much, I mean u can actually feel her emotions on here all the pain she has had with heartbreaks…

  6. Everything that you told me and everything you said. Is relationship issues. There is nothing compared to a nice day out,so keisha cole pictures and invisions herself at the beach in memory. Which is also a period of contemplation on the other hand.

  7. She is someone who cares when putting her voice into her music. I believe that only the first few hits were the best but when you listen to slower music it is different.

  8. I tried so hard to fight the tears hearing this song. I gave my all to him, put my heart on the line for him, I was afraid of ever losing him. I remember he promised me he'd always be there, that he'd never leave me, hurt me but he did the things he swore up and down to the heavens he wouldn't do. the only one I truly loved with a passion. I can't forget, erase or ignore the fact that I still love him. But the day he walked away after dealing with each other for 10 years it hurts and I tried to bury that pain away. Why give up and walk away after I tried my hardest and gave my all. Something I won't ever do again My God this hurts. now I'm trying to learn how to let go

  9. I FEEL the pain ??♥ Lord yasssss falling in love with someone in they treat you like you nothing in the End like lord it hurts your soul , body make you feel Num just walking around?? …… It hurts so badd but you gotta pray in standup strong ?❤……

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