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  1. I heard this audio withour reading the title before AND I THOUGHT THE GIRL WAS CAMILA CABELLO damnn . But kehlanii slaying fr with them vocals

  2. This song resonates with those who can appreciate the beautiful simplicity of song writing and the perfect marriage of a trance like hook and syncopated rhythms. Kehlani and Khalid complement each other she floats as he hovers.

  3. He got a nice voice and he speak French! He looks young! I don't want a heart Attack I'm just starting to live! I guess he wasn't talking about me! Oh well! I keep dreaming maybe one day I get my Boaz! Those dreams ain't the real thing at all! Dr. YouTube.com Oletha Carter Channel

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  5. I wish they sang at the same time for longer, rather than Kehlani just echoing Khalid most of the time. i feel like it would make it even more beautiful than it already is.(no hate, this version of the song is still rlly good)