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  1. mac died in the 2nd, if you cant understand dna your an idiot hes a thinker, if your not gonna use your brain dont even watch a dna battle, yep dna won this, that mac porn hub line was cool

  2. "Danny Devito… I already know what DNA does like I'm crackin' the genome." He flipped that shit INSTANTLY. It's not even a simple rebuttal.. he even multi's during instant rebuttals. Personally think he took the battle strictly from his flips. The "I takin 2 L's" rebuttal was even crazier. I like how you can see him cookin in his mind while DNA is going.

  3. ok,now I see.thus dude Illmack "can" rap.But like DNA said, he raps slow especially when he puts emphasis on his punch lines.The punch isn't even hard when he does it It takes frm the performance.I have a new respect for his flow hers tho,he 3-0ed DNA,Damn D…I didn't expect that…

  4. ill mac bores the hell outta me but his freestyles are hard his beginning of his second was tough dna 2-1 2nd and third round to dna illmac needs to not try so hard to complicate shit

  5. I'm still baffled at how everyone gives Illmac the business for "always losing to black rappers" when he's clearly beaten 4 out of the 7 he's battled, lmao. And that's WITH the general consensus… personally I thought he beat Conceited but it was a judged battle so I guess that's that.

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