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  1. Are you and josh Daniels brothers? Both of you sang this so amazing. Both of you put so much emotion in it. I am sad I only found this song from x factor

  2. this song always get me even when I "think" I'm not sad I'll start crying and thinking about every person that's gone out of my life my sister that's no longer here, the love of my life that moved away.

  3. it's all coming back to me. listened to this song 2 years ago and promised to make things better for us. got another chance in life and messed up again. why is it so hard when all i had were good intentions? this song is so real, so deep, so true. 6 years and now i am standing here, empty handed.

  4. Songs like this is what needs airtime. This is beautiful. Things would be different if music like this was more mainstream. I HATE that I'm just now hearing this. Pure Gold.

  5. Just discovered Labrinth and "Jealous." Wow.

    "I wished you the best of all this world could give
    And I told you when you left me
    There's nothing to forgive

    But I always thought you'd come back, tell me
    All you found was heartbreak and misery
    It's hard for me to say,
    I'm jealous of the way
    You're happy without me"

    We try to be so generous and dignified when they end it, and we even wish them well when inside, we're dying. But we harbor a secret hope that they won't be able to survive without our love. Then we have to face the unacceptable fact that not only do they survive, but they thrive. It's we who cannot survive without them.

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