LambaZouk, the dance(zouk brazilian style) by Solange Dias and Braz Dos Santos – London-2010.flv


Yeahh, Solange Dias and Braz dos Santos rules ! This performance with Lambada-Zouk movements is amazing mainly Solange`s spins and grace!
and what about the characteristic Zouk-time-beat of this second remix ! Contagious ! It is a Dj Mane`s job with the hit ” My name is not Susan” sung by Withney Houston; People can find this remix on :

People need to know that:
1) no one in Brazil say Zouk music was born here. We all love this Caribbean musical rhythm and WE ALL DIVULGE THE CARIBBEAN ORIGIN of Zouk music.******
2) today this musical rhythm with its characteristic bpm SPREAD TO OTHER PLACES as Cabo Verde,Angola,Moçambique which have their own singers;*******
3) WE ALL DIVULGE CARIBBEAN ORIGIN of the ” MAN-WOMAN TIGHT CONNECTED” style of dancing Zouk music. It`s sensual! It`s cool and beautiful! *******
4) Lambada music(bpm faster than zouk) e Lambada dance both were born on north of Brazil as a result of Local and African influences; Lambada was world wide spread by KAOMA group; *******
5) when Zouk original music and Zouk original dance CAME to Brazil it was a passion on first glance ! What hot and sensual thing! and WE ONLY ADD LAMBADA MOVEMENTS (spins,woman`s cambré) to ORIGINAL ZOUK TIGHT-CONNECTED MOVEMENTS; it´s only a new style of dancing the amazing Caribbean Zouk music! it´s so called LAMBADA-ZOUK DANCE or style. ********
6) Caribbean singers and also singers from Cabo Verde and Africa make sucess a lot with this musical rhythm in Brazil: Kaysha, Suzana Lubrano, Gil Semedo, Nichols, Nelson Freitas, Anselmo Ralph, Djodje, Johnny Ramos always make shows here in Brazil and THEY GIVE APPROVAL TO OUR STYLE OF DANCE THEIR MUSICs. Kaysha did also a video on youtube with brazilian dancers to his music ” Something going one” ***** 7) mixing of differents cultures is commom in human history.For instance,Buddhism was born in India and was embraced by Japaneses who introduced elements of their own culture in it ,creating the Japanese Buddhism( branch of Mahayama Buddhism); Salsa is supposed to be born in Cuba and was received by Puerto-Rico where local dancers created a new style of dancing Salsa. So, adaptation to local characteristcs is a normal feature of human knowledge and culture.
Come on people ! Dance all styles and have fun !



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  1. anybody knows how to find the first song? sounds really smooth, and surely it's not Chris de Burgh's version. What language do they sing in anyway?