Let’s go to SODO (Saut D’Eau) Haiti


You’ve never been to Sodo?? Let’s discover it together! (Watch in HD !)

April 29th, 2017 we decided to visit Saut D’eau a locality in the City of Mirbalais, Ouest Haiti. It was an amazing experience , about a 2h drive from downtown Port-au-Prince (depending on traffic). I would highly recommend visiting!

It’s the french translation of Waterfall in english. It holds significance in Haiti, to both Catholic and Vodou practitioners.In the 19th century, it is believed that the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel (or the closely associated Vodou Lwa, Erzulie Dantor) appeared on a palm tree there. A French priest, afraid of the superstition this would inspire, cut the tree down, but it nonetheless became an important religious destination for Haitians.
Annually, the falls are the site of a large, important religious pilgrimage, during the festival of Our Lady of Carmel, from July 14–16. A Eucharistic rite is held during the festival, as well as various vodou rituals, but the penultimate devotional activity is bathing in the waters of the falls, and asking favors of the Virgin or Erzulie

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