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  1. yo what the fuck are you guys talking about? what planet are y'all from??? so what big went down stairs are what ever his movement was when pac got shot!!!!! it was a coincidence…!!! Jimmy Henchmen copped out to the whole setup!!! ok so what the Fuck are you guys making all these bullshit comments for insinuating they were lying!!!??? the truth is out and most of yall not knowing the Facts(public knowledge) but still clucking like chicken head thot Bitches!!!!

  2. Faith fucked Pac. I believe that's true. Big cheated on her constantly so she cheated on him wit his mans as a way to get revenge for all the times he cheated on her. Women will do shit like that.
    I also believe Cease is telling the truth about what happened at the studio.

  3. why the fcuk you aint tell us this 15 – 20 years ago lil cease??? maybe u did but i may have refused to listen as i was diehard 2pac… and speaking of pac, shot in head but goes to hide the gun to avoid the gun charge… now thats some nigga shit. 5 bullet wounds but still found time and a spot to hide the gun. damn pac.

  4. hold up .. he said when the doors open their were laying on the ground.. tupac was already going upstairs.. while his party was still on the ground an the guys robbing them were still their an pointed a gun at him an said go back upstairs?? so they're like yeah we're robbing 4 guys but your free to go.. an if they know tupac they surely know who lil cease is an he has money 2 and he see how they look .. then biggie says after cease tell him PAC is getting robbed downstairs.. y'all stay here I'm going downstairs?? who does that.. an who lets him go by his self to a situation like that.. they wait 20 mins an wonder wut is taking so long?? man lil cease whole story makes no sense whatsoever..


  6. little cease you may not been prevy to the setup.But I believe he had an ideal who those battery operated bitches were.You can't knuckle up.You rather use pistols. Because they no Pac fight game was on point. A bunch of fuckin cowards. A bunch of ruthless niggas laying in the cut for some pennies to do another mother fuck ass nigga shit.

  7. I'm still waiting to see Cease "breakdown" after PAC gets shot. All I saw was him smiling and past talking… Something is definitely burning on the stove

  8. In NY Rappers rapper fight on wax. Niggas now adays wanna rap, gang bang, trap, and lie. The Mob always in the pizza shop, where family men, and went to church.

    Everybody wanna act like killer, so guns, money etc.

  9. ok so 1.pac gets shot,2.hes already upstairs by the time u see the aftermath,3.u go back upstairs to tell big.4.big goes down to confront a nigga robbing his friend but tells everyone to stay in the room?…so Big just heard about the problem and tells his entire entourage to stay while he goes aline to confront niggas with guns??? what about the fact u said pac was already upstairs?why would big have to go downstairs if by that time u admit that pac had went upstairs??your a lying sack of shit

  10. Man biggie was always cheatn on faith, you kno she let pac hit that, if pac wantd to anyway. He mightv had bettr bitches around so he mightv jus took the pic an said let biggie wonder.

  11. puff and biggie was trying to just let it blow over! media blew it up suge knight crew members made tupac a mad man.. Diddy didn't set up tupac he had too much to lose biggie wasn't even popular yet. they were all friends they knew who it was but they didn't have anything to do with it it was a lesson from tupac enemies.lil cease sounds real legit why would bad boy do it? what would biggie get out of it?

  12. Pac took hoes from snoop he fucked Madonna MADONNA who the fucks faith Evans compared to Madonna maaaaan course he hit that go and watch toss it up behind the scenes and you'll understand

  13. "Lil' Ceasar go ask your homie how I'll leave youCut your young ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceased"
    Lmao nearly every verse on Hit Em Up mentions Cease.

  14. Tupac was shot by the gang the A team, they were a crew that pac was cool with and they set him up. It had nothing to do with biggie, thanks to pac accusing bad boy they are both dead now

  15. Aite, so here's what I think. Big didn't have anything to do with killing Tupac besides knowing who did it hence "atleast I didn't" bit in his explanation. I think it was Puff or someone who was down with JM at the time because of the fact that they recognized Lil Cease and told him to go upstairs, instead of killing him.

  16. Everyone know's Pac was hittin that bitch. She used to be hangin at Death Row studio's hangin all over his cock when she was on the west coast.

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