Love Songs 4 Haiti


Aaron Hart met Haiti in the early days of 2008, and he fell in love. He fell in love with the poorest country in the western hemisphere. He fell in love with a people that climb mountains to praise God under a makeshift tent. He fell in love with their hospitality and their genuine love for him.

Feeling called to act, Aaron and his wife Jessica organized a benefit concert called Love Songs 4 Haiti. There were two main purposes: to raise funds, and share an opportunity to make a difference; and to educate others of the widespread malnourishment, unemployment, unavailable healthcare, and horrible living conditions in all of Haiti, to mention a few items of concern.

Now they are doing it again. The second Love Songs 4 Haiti benefit concert on October 3 will be an all-day event at the State Theater in State College, Pennsylvania. Through music and the arts, Aaron and Jessica hope to raise funds and inspire people here to reach out to Haiti, where the need is greater than ever. The recipients of those donations will include organizations that focus on sustainability. The goal is to see a nation renewed and revived, and ultimately, to gain the financial independence to bless others as they have been blessed.

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