“Lyndy’s Song” Heartland – Stephanie La Rochelle & Amber Marshall


Heartland Season 8 episode “Broken Heartland”, fell in love with the song so i’m throwing it on here until CBC decides to put it on itunes or something. 🙂 Also took the liberty of tabbing it: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/s/stephanie_la_rochelle/lyndys_song_-_heartland_crd.htm



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  1. OMG when I heard Stephanie La Rochelle & @Amber_Marshall perform this song. I thought for sure that Stephanie was going to become part of the cast as one of Tim's kids when he was in his drinking era! If the @HeartlandOnCBC writers can make it possible for Stephanie La Rochelle to be in the show somehow. Maybe by having her coming to Heartland with a horse for @Amber_Marshall to work with the horse.

  2. StEpH , This is great! You and Amber sing so well together! I wish you would get together with her and make a CD of all of "Lyndys songs, they have aired on HL. Perhaps Shaun has copyrite on them, and if so join with him and publish a CD . It would be simply amazing!

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