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  1. 7:06 PM [ comment 2 of 2. Saturday, September 29th. 2018. ]

    new Cream-glish song:
    " All Mal Rest!" it was saying you will not enter rest…. when Mal Rest you rest!

    If your name is Hax-able
    And you think
    you need a physical
    how long
    how long
    WILL he appears

    verse II.
    if you're name is yes able
    or guess able (2x)
    & finance is quite stable
    how long
    how long
    Will guard steal your lunch

    verse 3
    if you're name
    is Hax-able and you think you're not able

    yes how long
    how long
    will the judge appears

    how long
    how long
    will the Jamaican Beautiful nurse tells you you
    will die in the morning
    with hunger
    and guard stole your commentaries over and over you have have to scrape the floor for food in US of A USA of America which one is it.
    back home they say too. many names means you're a Jeweder

  2. 6:59 PM.
    [Saturday, September 29th, 2018. Comment 1 of 1]

    {Please people from now on until your eternity please again put a time "00:00 AM & PM" in which you've commented on a video}

    Pi – No
    No – Key
    Key – yo
    yo – ___ [ no remains or know remains ].

    Do you know this saying Haitian…. don't know by whom it originated
    …… "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result!"

    * Is that a mainstream definition or explanation or just in the church.

    "are we WE all grown up now? Yes. sleep in the Prel prail and you will 'lie better!'

  3. Haaaahahah My dawg always keep my stomach hurtin from laughing so hard! He on the roof with a mattress in his draws and got an aerial with a drone! Str8 skillz and creativity!

  4. Omg that girl on the right is so damn beautiful, but so damn uninterested. She's thinking too much lol you can see it all in her face. 😂😂😂 models don't realize they impact the videos too..