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  1. I can't believe black celebrities and famous black entertainers are actually stupid enough not to look at the facts of the Brown shooting. And to you people: Stop saying "blacklivesmatter" and support Black rap and hip-pop at the same time. Black rap and hip-pop music is violent (usually violence towards fellow black person), promotes drug use and distribution (obviously in their communities), degrades women, and promotes greed! (WONDER IF ANY BLACK PERSON WILL READ THIS OR BE LITERATE ENOUGH TO MAKE IT HALF WAY THROUGH MY COMMENT LOL) Rappers scream "BLM" but then brag about how they blow their money on expensive cars, private jets, drugs, and huge homes and yet the communities they are from are falling apart from poverty, drug use, and single parent homes. If "BLM" then why don't you guys get off youtube, and go clean up your block. Just your block. It's probably so disgusting, with all this trash and cigarette butts. And let's get the facts straight, Brown was not a gentle giant, he was hood scum. He robbed a store. Brown also punched the cop in the face twice, tried to steal his gun, then after walking away ran back towards the cop, so the cop killed him. ALL the evidence in court shows that the cop was innocent, yet all the Black celebrities and entertainers still scream out that Brown was innocent. How fucking retarded are you people? YOU PEOPLE NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR DESTROYING AND LOOTING ALL THOSE STORES AND FOR NOT LOOKING AT ALL THE FACTS OF THIS SHOOTING!

  2. take that shit back Dolph, nobody says mane like m town. I'm in Arkansas and I'll demonstrate. mane that shit was crazy, that mane just walked up and fired on that mane ! I was mane this mane for real. finish that shit off with a "ya hear me ? " all one word ! #mtown/ar.

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