Men Madan Papa REMIX ( VIDEO Raboday )


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  1. si Roger colas ,ancy derose ect te la yo tap di pays vremen fini ak generation ti gridap sa yo. nou vreman pedi tet nou si nap sipote sa yo

  2. I  get the song and understand how it came about.  Just a fair warning to the people of Haiti.  The hardest thing for any country to recover from is immorality.  It seems fun, but it eats you away from the inside.  Ask Jamaicans.  Political corruption is terrible, but you can throw them out and have a revolution.  Once the people become corrupted, sometimes the society never recovers.

  3. I literally hate this song.
    Men madan papa, that's not fair at all.

    Ou pap jwenn youn moun serye ap chante chante sa. Nap f yon bann mizik ki san sans.

    What the hell is that people ?