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  1. AFTER asshole abuser Dr. Dre punched her in her face and beat the hell out of her just to have them put make up over her scars HE MADE & basically force her to do this video

  2. Just got finish watching #SurvivingCompton and I was like old girl probably exaggerated let me go to YouTube and look at the video just to see what she had on in the nasty video and I know NWA wasn't at the video shoot for what so I went and looked at all the videos Dr. Dre and all of NWA are in all of her videos accept Cube he was blowed cause Dre in Love and Wanna hang up under his girlfriend why he left the group no Vaseline lol

  3. She reminds me of me in many ways, however I woulda stood up to myself a long ass time ago and said "get the fuck outa here"! sorry dre.. you suck at life and woman. Music shoulda taught you betta..

  4. Dre had all those kids to make ppl think he isn't gay like the rumors floating around say he is. He's only trying to convince himself that he don't like a mouth full of cherry flavored balls. Yeah… he's gay.

  5. I was so disappointed at Dr. Dre after seeing her version. I also am very disappointed by some of the comments or videos from former flunkies that hung out with them calling her a how and addict.. she still did not deserve all those a$$ whippings that she entailed.. Not only did her music career suffer but so did her mental health as dre became this BIG RICH "RESPECTED" SO CALLED MAN… This is the problem with our people we big up the wrong ish. I respect Easy trying to help her even though she kept going back, but hell you seen what her moms was telling her growing up about men… This should be a must watch for our young women growing up as A NOT TO DO NOR WANT….

  6. You can watch the videos and can clearly see that Dre really didn't want any true success for her, and the little she did get drove him crazy. He figured that 'maybe if I control all of her videos and cover her up in heavy baggy clothes, no one will pay any real attention to her'. But it was her voice and talent that won hearts of many. I just wish that Michel'le would have recognized her power and talent back then before things got all bad. But I am also happy that she's finally getting to tell her story to the world.

  7. Omg she covered up so many emotions and feelings. 😭😭 SO PROFESSIONAL ON HER PART. FUCK YOU DRE. Selling my beats – they now have a whole new meaning.

  8. she was really pretty she could've been a real 90's sex symbol. ( not that that was a goal or anything) bur she always was dressed like a grandma be up dre ass. in her videos everyone be dressed cut me but the star which is her