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  1. what gets me is tht he never told her he was sorry for everything thts so crazy hurts me to see a beautiful women go through this and still can bring the L word out there mouths its crazy bt she's in good health and in a good place thts all tht matters ?

  2. When ppl show you just who they are why not believe them?? Why do some women feel he will all of sudden grow compassion and respect. Nobody respects weakness. No one respects someone who doesn't respects themselves. No one loves someone who doesn't loves themselves. Yes he was a villian for doing what he did to her, but she was also a villian to herself. My father told me 3. rules. A man that hits a woman is really trying to kill the bitch inside his self. He is angry at his own weskness 2. Don't ever look for a man blowing up his phone, calling around looking for him. He aint never lost. He"s only in 2 places at all times. Where he wants to be and where he have to be. And if wants to be with you your ass can be in Japan and he will get there. 3. In a relationship the man sets the foundation and the woman builds on it. If he is a liar, cheater, underhanded, aint a dam thing you can do that's that mans foundation. Only he can change it. You can keep busting your head to the white meat trying to build something solid on a shaky foundation but its like trying to light a candle in the rain. Nothing nada zero. Aint no amount of tears, yelling, screaming, guilt trips, hot sex, playing the blame game or victim role is going to change him. Your job as a woman is to pick the right foundation. Sturdy, strong, true, can weather a storm and stands the test of time. Men are not boys for women to raise.

  3. After seeing the movie and this music video I thought it was kind of cute and sly how Eazy still lingered around her, even though she ended up going with Dre instead of him. It was kind of like he hoped she might of changed her mind at some point; Eazy had alot of kids and women but you never heard any of them say he did them wrong or put his hands on them. i would of rather dealt with that then being beaten, manipulated and controlled. He didn't even have much of a care about him and Michel'le's baby either. Smh

  4. Everybody keep jumping on dre, no doubt he was wrong, but michel'le stayed and allowed it to continue. Gotta take responsibility for your own choices. It may not be easy to leave but that's a choice you make.

  5. My grandmother was a singer at one of those clubs back in the day, she would tell us that white folks would come in there more to listen to black singers than being in their own establishments.

    She said that black folks would be forbidden to go and listen to whites are other black singers that white folks book in their clubs, because of segragation, but it wouldn't stop white folks going into black clubs listen to black singers.

  6. The black women singers by in the day would put Beyonce and others to shame.

    The best female singers I would have to say Lisa Fisher hands down, Sade, Michelle, Gill Scott, Lauren Hill, that's in my top five.

  7. She really n truly kiiiiiilt her performance in this video. From her hair, to the make-up, dress and every single note… It is and will forever be one of my favorites.

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