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  1. Y2K is finally back on Trap Nation and I'm happy to say he's not here to disappoint. I usually don't upload remixes of hip-hop acts but you can't really go wrong with this one.

  2. Yo, what makes no sense is that you guys get barely any feedback anymore!! So let me do so now.

    This song is absolute FIRE. Literally the bassiest track I've heard all day. The buildup is amazing, the drop is crazy, just so many amazing things about this song that I just can't name! So obviously I'm gonna get this thing! Go, Y2K and AVIDD!! And you too, Andre <3

  3. When I heard the build up I was all like…. they better not fuck this up…. then I heard the beginning of the drop n I was like aww shit they failed… then when it fully hit I fell out of my chair and almost shit myself