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  1. its so amazing what God can do for and in our lives 🙂 give your lives to him guys, hes everything you could imagine whatever's impossible, he can make possible. call to him and he will answer, no matter what your going through in your life right now, God is always there. Im calling to you lord, save me, take my heart, make me new. Help me to love, heal me, take the evil from me and make it good. Do the same to others. to whoever needs it God. Thank you for everything youve given us. Thank you<3

  2. @musicyo11
    Yup I know Delirious? This song was written by Stuart Garrard. Bethel and Jesus Culture actually does a lot of covers but they are done so well that they could be originals.

  3. @TheDom66 Oh man. i'm here now. In redding, at bethel. you'd think that the songs that are on the albums are like their special songs that are super good. oh no. they're all amazing. to be honest, i think yesterday's worship was even better than any of their cds. i'll be in the middle of worship, looking around absolutely awestruck at the beauty that is all around me. The worship is amazing and the people there are absolutely crazy in love with God. it's infectious. and electrifying.

  4. @SuperAlexcasas
    Bethel is actually the name of the church and it's located in Redding, California. But yeah It's definitely someplace I would love to visit someday! 🙂

  5. you people at bethel are awesome. everything you is anointed.someday i want to live in bethel to go to bethel. it a good place to prepare for full time ministry. blessings

  6. My souls sings for You , Lord, and it'll keep singing for You until the end of time, even after my body of flesh and bone turn back to the ash and dust it came from, even when I breathe my last breath, my soul will continue to sing for You how much I love You, Lord Father God. Catch my prayers from my lips and bless all those who hear this, bless all those whose souls are also singing for you. Amen.

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