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  1. Project baby snotty nose had peezy, now everybody across the globe tryna be me, i miss my niggas hope they see me ona tv, on instagram showin off my vvs, you dont understand lately wasnt easy, i been walkin round with my head peachy, shot a nigga took a shower with the bleeach shaway, My mind fell victim to da streeets im sorry, I remember middle skoo sellin weeed ina hallway , started skippn skoo got in beef i was robbin, jack boy dats my jit we like bat man and robin , God I know you lookn out for me thru da dark end , blood in my eyes feel like im goin blind oh , stuck in these streets feel like my life frozen , I been runnin dese streets got me dehydrated , i been livin so crazy feel like im dyin baby

  2. Love Kodak made me get back into rapping again…he's the best in hip-hop for me as IV been rapping since 16 and I'm 29 now and his music is quality……