New York: West Indian 2009 Carnival-Haitian Bands: T-Vice & Djakout Mizik


West Indian 2009 Carnival-Haitian Bands: T-Vice & Djakout Mizik

There were over 3 million people in attendance at the joyful and colorful West Indian Day Carnival/Parade on Eastern Parkway, New York during Labor Day on Monday, September 7, 2009. The largest parade in New York. The Haitians rule in term of crowd and energy. The blue and red Haitian flags were waving everywhere in the Haitian crowd and all along the Parkway. It was a day where Haitian pride and a spirit of resiliency were on display. The two Haitian floats attract the largest crowd with the presence of two outstanding Haitian Compas bands T-Vice and Djakout MIZIK. There was also the presence of a Haitian Rara band by the name of “Rara Lakay” coming from Miami to participate in the West Indian 2009 Carnival. As all Haitians know there were the traditional “Bel kout gouyad” and “Marye pou cink” at the rara. Haitians and people of Haitian descent came from everywhere, and as far as Canada, France, Haiti, etc…It is the day of the year when the Haitian family gets together where friends who have not seen one another for years have a chance to rekindle their acquaintance. It was also a fashion show where the ladies were dressed with all kind of blue and red carnival outfits with the word “Haiti” written on them. Some even dyed their hair blue and red, the color of the Haitian flag.

The West Indian Day on Eastern Parkway is the day and place of annual rendez-vous for the Caribbean nations and friends of the Caribbean culture.

The event was awesome with the jubilant Compas rhythm from Haiti, the effervescent Calypso sounds from Trinidad and other Caribbean and participating nations, as well as the world-acclaimed upbeat Reggae sound from Jamaica. The smell of delicious and spicy Caribbean dishes filled the air. It was a day to unwind and forget about all worries in the world. It was a day to indulge in the wonderful sound of the Caribbean music. Man, It was a fun!



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