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  1. She said: Mi an Drake ah guh mad dem bloodclatt, weh yuh nuh bout swiffa, yuh nuh bout bloodclatt pinesol? Yuh nuh bout pinesol an yuh nuh bout swiffa, an yuh cyan get dat fi dalla store, dem ah nuh bout dat

    Translation: Me and Drake gone make the ppl go crazy…but you don't know anything about that…all you know about is swiffer and pinesol…cuz only broke muthafuckas know bout shit you can buy at a dollar store! ..

    The reason: She is from Trinidad not Jamaica. ..but she was imitating a Jamaican woman who posted a video on fb arguing with another woman about her man…and she ask the woman "do you know anything about swiffer and pinesol cuz your bathroom is dirty" …. yall got it? Lol

  2. "Me and Drake a guh mad dem bloodclaat…weh yuh hear bout, weh yuh kno bout swifa…yuh kno bout bloodclaat pinesol? Yuh kno bout pinesol n yuh kno bout swifa n yuh a get dat a dalla store so yuh kno bout that"
    Translation: Drake and I will be getting people irritated when they see us. What did you hear, and what do you know about Swiffer? Do you know about Pinesol? You must know about Pinesol and Swiffer because you buy them at the Dollar Store, so you definitely know about that.

  3. Shit she drunk ass hell man fuke her drunk ass I'm drunk too mutherfukasz yeah I'm talking all this shit don't mess with me shit shut the fuke up damnit see mutherfukasz you mad me good damn fuken mutherfukasz Im a drunk ass too mutherfukasz I'm not like all y'all shityys I fuken hate all. Ass and ass assyyis I don't fuke up damnit see mutherfukasz you send me a mutherfukasz biches nigga now chicken assis

  4. For all you Americans who do not know the difference between the Caribbean accents, nicki is doing the Jamaican accent in this video. When you are from the islands or grew up around Caribbean people it's usually not hard to use Caribbean accents since they are very similar