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  1. Had a horrible start to the day and needed something to lift my spirits, then remembered this video. It did the trick now I can't stop smiling.

  2. all right, Nneka's parents put her thru Harvard, they bought her car for a present, but she can't find a real job so she's using her car as a cab and her mother is upset. Don't these Ivy league colleges have job placement programs for it's graduates? From what I have always understood, company's WANT the YALE and HARVARD grads. Wonder what subject her degree was in?

  3. My Kenyan mom sent me this Video! These parents know that they stress us, ohhh! Literally, EVERYTHING your 'mom' said to you in this skit, my mom has said to me. Do our parents meet up and discuss how they're going to guilt us into succeeding, or something!? lol Til this day I feel an obligation to uphold the family legacy in "every possible aspect of my life" (an expectation from my mother that had been burned into my brain) 😂😂 thanks for making this vid, it made my family laugh

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