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  1. ..okay real quick though how could a bottle of lean break on a pigs foot??? even if it hit the ground next too him then got on him, how could a plastic bottle shatter like that?? cuz it sounded like glass and the last time i checked the bottles were plastic, it even showed dude looking too buy it and then refused it so I'm confused ,….maybe its just me wondering these questions but if anyone has answers pls lemme know, all and all still a great episode no matter what though……

  2. Pee-wee look out 4 the the noisy interviewer like a real G making them feel safe ,with it ,and comfortable and have to be in the scene you know you would never ever see him in on the coldest day in hell like it ain't nothing that's a real boss there shout out the illest not only in Atlanta but everywhere Pee-wee the real deal Holyfield One Love sent from Cali homie